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Tom 19 (2021)

Nauczanie (o) składni a kompetencja językowo-komunikacyjna uczniów z ASD

  • Helena Balcerek
23 grudnia 2021


The aim of the article is to point out the deeper problem of language teaching — teaching school grammar (on the example of syntax), which is associated more with teaching about the language than the language itself. In the current core curriculum, language teaching is not connected to communicative competence — the ability to create oral and written statements. It has caused the regression in Polish language didactics and the return to the discussion of teaching language or/and teaching about the language in modern primary school. Subjective, functional, and communicative approach in teaching language is really important when teaching children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and that is why the current system-normative approach in school discourse should be reflected upon. If the subjectiveness and individualisation of teaching as well as special educational needs and abilities of students with ASD are considered in this reflection, the conclusion emerges — the need to remodel the method of organising the language teaching process.