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Część I

Tom 11 (2013)

Wpływ tytułu na zakres i  trwałość przyswajanej wiedzy z  tekstów edukacyjnych

  • Jan Iluk
7 marca 2014


The influence of text titles on the scope and durability of knowledge acquired from textbooks

There are many factors that influence the scope and assimilation of knowledge that textbooks contain. Among the most important ones there are strategic places, the content of which contributes to the contextualization of utterance and on which the attention of the audience is focused. The position of text opening, that is the title or initial sentence, can be mentioned among them. The influence of the form of headlines and the contents on the effectiveness of the acquisition of knowledge from the texts is a result of cognitive processes, activated during the process of reading.
It appears from the results of the research, that the application of full-thematic titles improves the effects of working with text. Headlines of that type control the cognitive energy in a better way and initiate more adequate cognitive schemata that allow for a more complete integration of received information.
The influence of the title brings expected results, when it is reinforced by a suitable method of working with the text.