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Tom 14 (2016)

Cyfrowy zwrot w polonistyce szkolnej

  • Maciej Wróblewski
2 lutego 2017


The digital turn in the teaching of Polish at school

In the article the author describes selected aspects of cultural changes caused by the omnipresence of new media, which affect cultural behaviour of young Poles, primarily when it comes to how they use language. He uses the concept of cultural software, taken from J.M. Balkin’s book and popularised by L. Manovich, to describe phenomena stemming from achange in the circulation and functioning of cultural goods on the Internet. As children and adolescents constantly use various mobile devices connected to the global web, their free time is filled primarily with pop cultural content strengthening consumer attitudes. Thelanguage of the new media changes the roles of the sender and the receiver, and becomes asource of new forms of intellectual activity hitherto referred to as “reading”, “analysis”, “interpretation”.