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Tom 16 (2018)

Język domostwem bycia — o funkcjonalnym nauczaniu polszczyzny w podręcznikach dla nauczycieli Tadeusza Czapczyńskiego

  • Małgorzata Gajak-Toczek
8 października 2018


The language as home — on the functional teaching of Polish in textbooks for teachers by Tadeusz Czapczyński

The aim of this article is to discuss Tadeusz Czapczyński’s textbooks for teachers: Exercises in Speaking 1922 and Methodology of Stylistic Exercises in Primary and Secondary School. The Manual for Taught 1929. It grew out of the reform tendencies specific to the education in Galicia and the Kingdom of Poland and correlated with the innovative findings of the pedagogical and psychological sciences and the disciplines of motherhood. In an innovative way Czapczyński prevented nineteenth-century verbalism, placing the student in a new role: researcher and explorer. This Polish teacher was advocating for the training of correct and proficient skills in speech and writing, and thus subjected practical purposes to classroom activities. In place of memorizing the norms and rules he introduced exercises in everyday language use.