Supersystem rozrywkowy jako zjawisko kulturowe

Tom 25 (2019)

Problem definicji gier cyfrowych jako elementu supersystemu rozrywkoweg

Strony: 109-125



The medium of digital games is constantly evolving, as many recently-published games are crucially different from titles that were popular several dozen years ago. This, as well as the com-mercial supersystems concept of Marsha Kinder, is the contribution of analysing the problem of digital game definition in this paper. The main aim of this article is to emphasise differences between digital games and other, similar artefacts. The author attempts to achieve it by constructing definition of digital games that covers all examples of the electronic entertainment medium. By doing so, the author attempts to analyse the most crucial elements and properties of digital games, e.g. their files available in the memory of digital devices, as well as aims that are supposed to be solved by the player during gameplay.