Tom 25 (2019)

O mesjaszu i sarmatach, czyli Polska przyszłości w opowiadaniu Jacka Dukaja „Crux” (2003)

Strony: 249-259



The article analyses messianic and sarmatian themes in Jacek Dukaj’s Crux. The image of Poland presented in this science-fiction short story suggests a return to national traditions based on the idea of social classes. The ruling class aspires to emulate the sarmatians but the results of their at-tempts at doing so are often grotesque. Meanwhile, people who live on social benefits display a very narrow world-view, making them easy to manipulate and take advantage of. Taking into account Polish national traits, the author predicts that Poles will follow yet another messiah, thus acting out an all-too-well-known scenario of uprisings and their tragic consequences.
The main aim of the article is to describe both of the social classes portrayed by Dukaj, focus-ing on the figure of Crux, the messiah, as this is a character that occupies a special place in Dukaj’s short story.