Tom 26 (2020)

Intertekstualność. Wersja pop

Strony: 17-29



The concept of intertextuality used in the field of literary theory for the first time by Julia Kristeva seems to be (nowadays) a well-recognised category, though understood in different ways. Numerous interpretations of contemporary cultural phenomena testify to its attractiveness. However, the author of the article argues that in relation to popular literature and culture, a more theoretical approach to the place and status of this category is lacking. He argues that in this context intertextuality should be understood simultaneously as a strategy for producing texts and a specific model of reading. In this sense, it is an indication of formation based on the pleasure principle of a community of cultural representations, experiences and interpretations. However, this heterogeneous universe demonstrates that popular culture is agonist by nature, where the issue of emotional participation and recognition plays a key function.