• Serial „Artyści” jako przykład telewizji jakościowej

Serial „Artyści” jako przykład telewizji jakościowej

DOI: https://doi.org/10.19195/0867-7441.26.20
Katarzyna Kaczor
Google Scholar Katarzyna Kaczor
Barbara Świąder-Puchowska
Google Scholar Barbara Świąder-Puchowska


The article The series “The Artists” as an example of quality television is an attempt to analyse the original TV series The Artists [Artyści] (2016) by Paweł Demirski and Monika Strzępka from the perspective of the determinants of the quality television model defined by Jane Feuer. The researchers consider the series, whose authors are neither film nor television artists, but are representing critical theatre in Poland, to be the first such full implementation of quality television in Polish TV culture. The authors of the article begin their analysis with the first Polish productions that featured elements of quality television (starting from The Cop [Glina] series from 2003) and defining synthetically its determinants. These genre determinants are deepened in the following sections in the perspective of the analysis of the series The Artists in terms of focusing the theme of the movie on the present; constructing the script of the series about characters from different layers and environments, in opposition to accepted norms; the author(s) as a guarantee of a high-quality artistic series; stylistic means; intertextual layer.

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