Poetyka wideoklipu muzycznego

DOI: https://doi.org/10.19195/0867-7441.27.30
Michał Pick
Google Scholar Michał Pick


Music video as a specific genre of audiovisual arts, deriving directly from tradition of film, television and music programs, became massive promotion and visual communication tool for artists at the turn of 70’s/80’s. Mentioned many times in articles about music videos, its dependence on other art fields, such as film, musical, theater arts, plastic arts etc., only strengthens us in belief that music video is an enormous hybrid form, being heir to aforementioned forms. At this intertextual base, music video has developed its own language. Cognizance and description of its components, understanding of connection rules and the essence of its individual elements is the main aim of this article. By pointing to coexistence and correlations of components such as rhythm, tempo, tone, editing etc., the text also emphasizes similarity of the music video language to the language of literature and other arts which use the same tools.

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