Tom 28 (2022)

Fantastyka Antoniego Smuszkiewicza

Strony: 9-20



The article is of a review and reminiscent nature. It presents the profile and scientific activity of one of the most outstanding Polish researchers of fantasy literature — Professor Antoni Smuszkiewicz. The Professor’s works — books, articles, monographs — defined Polish fantasy not only in strictly literary studies, but also in the social dimension. Antoni Smuszkiewicz collaborated with the Polish fandom for many years and was recognized in the community of fantasy writers and lovers of this genre as the greatest authority in Poland. His Enchanted Game: An Outline of the History of Polish Science Fiction remains the only historical and literary study of phenomena and tendencies in the field of Polish science fiction. Literature for children remains the second passion of Antoni Smuszkiewicz, who for many years was a Polish language teacher. Professor Smuszkiewicz — gifted with an extraordinary didactic talent — not only analyzed and discussed this literature, but also taught how to discuss it with students. The research concepts of Antoni Smuszkiewicz, despite the passage of time, still find their functional application, both in the field of literary studies and in game studies.