Tom 28 (2022)

Maria Reutt — nieidentyczna z autorką dobrych powieści dla młodzieży żeńskiej

Strony: 81-92



The aim of the article is to attempt to present the silhouette of Maria Reutt née Stabrowska (born in 1888?), a literary collaborator of leading high-circulation press concerns of the interwar period, mistakenly taken for highly-esteemed Vilnius author for children and youth, educator and educational activist Maria Jadwiga Reuttówna (1863/1867–1942). The sensational and romance stories of Maria Reutt, categorized as third-rate literature, were able to “chain” and “tether” the interest of readers of the magazines from the Illustrated Daily Courier group (Na Szerokim Świecie and Tempo Dnia) and Alfred Krzycki Publishing House in Żnin (Pałuczanin, Moje Powieści). They entered the book circulation extremely rarely, and yet at least one of them managed to become a reading banned for adolescent girls. The writer’s work was presented in the context of an attempt to reconstruct her biography.