Tom 28 (2022)

Wer sich nicht erinnert, hat keine Geschichte. Zum Phänomen gestörter Erinnerungen und heilsamen Vergessens in der Migrationsliteratur aufgrund des Erzähltextes „Das Gedächtnis der Libellen” von Marica Bodrožić

Strony: 161-175

PDF (Deutsch)


Enquiring into the process of remembering and forgetting seems to be a fundamentally neuropsychological issue. Many writers and novelists tend to take on that matter while depicting their main characters, who deliver an account of their past adventures to the reader via recollections and memories. The paper attempts to analyse the distinctive features of the space, especially after the recognition of the spatial turn and its main assumptions. The author indicates the vital importance of borders as well as their crossing. In addition to the analysis of the mentioned genres, the author focuses on the perception and capturing of space in general as well as juxtaposes its particular spatial variations, such as partial space.