Tom 28 (2022)

Co jest grane? O relacjach muzyki i ruchomego obrazu w wideoklipach muzycznych

Strony: 225-243



The article discusses the relations between sound and moving image in music videos. The author, referring to the concepts of researchers such as Jurij Łotman, Carol Vernallis, Urszula Jarecka, Mirosław Przylipiak, and others, draws attention to the special type of synthesis which occurs between sound and vision in music videos. Supporting his considerations with the analysis of representative video clips, the author proves that the mutual relation of sound and image is an important element of the narration present in music videos. Sound (in the form of a song) is the core element of music videos, but their polymedia nature allows to emphasize correlation and synthesis of individual layers comprising its structure. The higher-order communication quality created in this way results from the integration of semantically different-code elements, which can be seen in the analytical part.