Tom 28 (2022)

Poszerzanie pola i nowe wyzwania

Recenzja: Elżbieta Winiecka, „Poszerzanie pola literackiego. Studia o literackości w Internecie”, Universitas, Kraków 2020, ss. 420

Strony: 247-252



This article discusses the main theses formulated in Poszerzanie pola literackiego. Studia o literackości w internecie written by Elżbieta Winiecka. The author of this monograph has noteworthily analysed relations between literature and the digital world. Important research context here is the notion of literariness and the concept of literary field. The scholar also combines theoretical reflection on the boundaries of literature and the consequences of technological development with critical interpretations of specific texts or projects. The great value of this book is the fact that the author places the reflection regarding digital e-literature in the context of Polish literature and culture. Furthermore, Winiecka emphasises the links between art and contemporary social and political problems. Thus, the researcher takes part in the debate on socially engaged art and the functioning of literary texts in the social space.