Tom 28 (2022)

„Cordel” — brazylijska literatura „sznurkowa”. Zastosowanie dydaktyczne

Recenzja: Gilles Villeneuve Souza Nascimento, „Letramento literário e cordel: o ensino de literatura por um novo olhar”, Appris, Kurytyba 2020, ss. 205

Strony: 259-264



In Letramento literário e cordel: o ensino de literatura por um novo olhar [Literary literacy and cordel literature: literature teaching from a new perspective], Gilles Villeneuve Souza Nascimento presents the literary literacy through the cordel genre as a potential solution to the reading and literature teaching crisis in Brazil.

Initially, the author dialogues with the theoretical findings of Regina Zilberman, Ângela Kleiman, Rildo Cosson, Ana Cristina Marinho, and Hélder Pinheiro (among others) regarding the reader formation, literacy, literary literacy, and the use of the cordel in literature teaching. The most interesting part, however, is the practical one, which contains a description of the school workshop which proved the appropriateness of the proposal.

Although its conclusions are based on results of an experiment on merely 16 students from one school, from a region where cordel literature is particularly popular, Letramento literário e cordel… is a valuable publication which presents very interesting possibilities of making use of a literature often considered — due to its simplicity — as “second-class art.” Moreover, despite the local character of the research, the majority of the author’s observations have a universal application.