Tom 16 (2010)

Czas i przestrzeń w cyklu powieściowym Joanne K. Rowling o Harrym Potterze

Michał Rogoż

Strony: 37 - 51



Subject of time and space in Joanne K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series


Time and space constitute basic structural elements of the work of literature and define scope of its composition. In Joanne K. Rowling’s series they refer mainly to the fantasy genre which mostly demonstrates itself by duality of the presented world, in two types of time – cyclical and linear and in showing decisive moment for that world. Harry Potter story also follows the same patterns, so characteristic for Entwicklungsroman, school story or even RPG game. Time and space issue of the discussed work can be viewed in three aspects: narration, presented world and references. Characteristic feature presented here is enlivening of the space-time relations through usage of elliptical structures, frequent changes of perspective and sometimes also through simultaneity of the story. Time and space components in the presented world are subjects to multiple metamorphoses which refer to magic as specific, immanent dimension of reality; whereas vicissitude recalls classical space-time themes like road and labyrinth. Consonance with reality manifests itself both in the realistic „Anglo-Saxon” pattern of the „Potterverse” and in direct references – to Nicolas Flamel, alchemist from Pontoise for example. Time and space management constitutes one of the major elements of literary expression in this novel cycle, extremely popular around the world.