Tom 16 (2010)

Co pozostało z XIX-wiecznego gotycyzmu? Tekstowa warstwa utworów z nurtu rocka gotyckiego wobec tradycji literackiej i kulturowej

Strony: 91 - 111



What did remain from the 19th century Gothicism? The textual layer of gothic rock works in comparison to the literary and cultural tradition


The article is dedicated to ways of introducing plots characteristic for the Gothic style in 19th century in the present culture. The phenomenen of calling one of kinds of rock music “gothic rock” was presented. Authors appeal to imaginarium characteristic for the gothic imagination in the textual layer of works belonging to gothic rock quite often. They do it however in the way testifying only superficial inspiration. Gothicism expressed mainly tragically dimension of the human existence which informs about the „night” side of his existence in 19th century. Nowadays the works of Polish gothic bands seem tobe an adaptation of those figures of imagination by the popular culture.