Tom 16 (2010)

Strofy polskie Zofii Rujkówny znad Dźwiny

Agnieszka Durejko

Strony: 143 - 150



The poetry of Zofia Rujkówna from somwhere on the Dvina


The tradition of Polish literature has no continuity in the former Poland’s Livonia. Zofia Rujkowna began her literary adventure in the Polish press published in Latvia in the interwar period. Her poems can be found for example in “Dzwon”, “Nasz Głos”, “Nasze Życie”. She is the author of numerous works dedicated to the land that is situated by the Dvina River. Among them quite a few poems appeared on the occasion of many anniversaries: the anniversary of publishing “Dzwon” or the tenth anniversary of Latgalia’s liberation.