Tom 18 (2012)

Holotrope Metaphysik der transhumanen popkulturellen Zukunftsentwürfe Fallbeispiel: Masamune Shirows „Ghost in the Shell”

Jacek Rzeszotnik

Strony: 27 - 39



The paper discusses the state of the “metaphysical territory” in case of trans-human pop-cultural designs of the future, as exemplified by Masamune Shirow’s manga Ghost in the Shell, and allows to conclude that the Man or his “successor,” no matter how he and his existence possibly will look like is a “mono-metaphysical creature,” which means that he at any time must know what reality he is existentially placed in, since every relocation of his existential point of reference immediately causes his “metaphysical perspective” to be shifted and adjusted to the new hosting reality. Trying to enter a “poly-metaphysical area” seems to appear dangerously, because it may let him be mentally diseased with “metaphysical schizophrenia.” Teleological questions concerning sense and purpose, structure and functionality have to cover holotropic metaphysics of a single reality only. Maybe a post-human and post-biological creature in a distant future will be able to call multimetaphysical environments his/its home, but the qualities of his/its then reality perception system cannot be imagined now.