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Tom 54 (2019)

Uwagi o celach wykonywania kary pozbawienia wolności po nowelizacji kodeksu karnego z 13 czerwca 2019 roku

30 kwietnia 2020


The article is devoted to the consequences of the subsequent amendment of the Penal Code of 13 June 2019 for regulations in the Executive Penal Code. The author analyzes the adequacy of the purpose of executing the penalty of deprivation of liberty, as set out in Art. 67(1) of the Penal Code to the life sentence imprisonment introduced by the amendment without conditional early release from prison, as well as to raise the upper limit of the so-called ordinary imprisonment up to 30 years. In his view, the text of this provision should be changed. Its maintenance will deepen the already great legal chaos. However, the problem discussed in the article is how to change it, and whether it is possible to replace it with any other meaningful content after this amendment. In the end, the author concludes that social rehabilitation as the goal of penitentiary interactions after amendment will eventually become a dead concept.