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Tom 55 (2020)

Choroba psychiczna a świadek w procesie karnym (wybrane problemy na styku prawa i medycyny)

4 maja 2020


The content of the article aims to outline the basic problems that can be seen at the intersection of law and medicine, and relating to people with mental illness. In criminal proceedings there are a number of witnesses, including those affected by illness. It should not be forgotten that they are the same witnesses as those who do not manifest such conditions, but special care should be taken towards them mainly in terms of the credibility of the testimonies given, as well as their current psychophysical condition. The testimony of mentally ill witnesses cannot be fully overlooked, but every situa-tion should always be analyzed in concreto. Extreme caution and insight must be exer-cised when considering the suitability of such evidence by a trial body, while respecting it within the limits of the free assessment of evidence.