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Prawo karne procesowe

Tom 56 (2020)

Oględziny i dokumentacja zdarzeń o charakterze upadku z wysokości w terenie eksponowanym i jaskiniach z udziałem ratowników Grupy Jurajskiej Górskiego Ochotniczego Pogotowia Ratunkowego

4 maja 2020


The article is devoted to issues related to the use of forces and resources of mountain rescue teams during visual inspection of incident areas in exposed areas and caves. The article presents general assumptions about the organization and coordination of this type of inspection from the moment of receiving information about the event and the start of rescue operations by GJ GOPR, until the completion of collecting and securing all infor-mation and evidence as part of the inspection of the incident scene. The article contains issues related to the exchange of information between the involved entities, preparation of documentation meeting formal and legal requirements by trained GJ GOPR rescuers, securing items that may constitute evidence in subsequent proceedings, and the handling of human corpses and remains.