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Tom 58 (2020)

Pojęcie właściwego „zakładu karnego” (art. 100 k.k.w.) w perspektywie regulacji krajowych oraz standardów prawnomiędzynarodowych

  • Adam Pracławski
3 marca 2021


This publication is devoted to the issues of transferring prisoners between correc-tion units in the light of domestic and international regulations. This problem has be-come the subject of multiple discrepancies in case-law and controversies. In the relevant literature after the amendment to the Executive Penal Code made in 2011, the author tries to fi nd the answer to whether the deletion of the rule of, whenever possible, serv-ing the sentence by the convict in the unit located closest to his or her place of residence shall aff ect the penal system within this scope. At the same time, he draws a number of conclusions towards the applicable provision and its further amendments.