Esej o prawie do decydowania o niektórych przejawach życia osobistego

Teresa Dukiet-Nagórska
Google Scholar Teresa Dukiet-Nagórska


Essay on the right to decide about some aspects of personal life

The essay is a reference to the statement of Professor T. Kaczmarek about the human right to a good death in Polish law. The starting point is recalling the provisions constituting the normative autonomy for refusing life-saving medical interventions, refusing abortion needed to save the lives or health of pregnant women and consent to organ donation ex vivo. These normative regulations are confronted with the criminalisation of the murder at the request of the victim and under the influence of sympathy for her and assisted suicide, as well as provisions permitting the forced treatment. The common ground is the principle of proportionality, as well as the provisions of the Constitution defining the protection of life and health, and the right to self-determination about personal life.

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