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Tom 40 (2016)

Jaki kształt kary ograniczenia wolności?

  • Grażyna B. Szczygieł
28 czerwca 2017


What form should restriction of liberty take?

The paper is analysis of restriction of liberty from the emergence of this remedy till the most recent, very far reaching changes. The concept of a work-based criminal remedy has been known in Polish criminal law for a long time. Successive forms of this remedy have yet to fulfil the expectations associated with it. If so far no form of this remedy, including its probational elements, has convinced the courts to opt for it more often, per­haps the catalogue of criminal remedies listed in Article 32 of the Criminal Code should be expanded to include “community work”. Some steps towards introducing such a pro­posal have already been taken; at the moment the duties of professional probation officers include organisation and control of sentence enforcement.