From experts practice of revealing obliterated and obscured notes and signatures

Nikolay Bodrov
Google Scholar Nikolay Bodrov


This article focuses on the analysis of practice, which allows for identification of hidden texts and signatures. The examples of subsequent handwriting researches of de­tected notes, signatures and people, on whose behalf they were made, are given. In this article there is a description of optical research of dashes, which were created by com­mon and special pens. The author formulated all practical recommendations about work­ing with research equipment, programs and creating illustrations phototable to expert testimony. There are several findings: 1 the aggressive impact on the document some­times does not preclude the successful handwriting identification of the remote notes and signatures perpetrator; 2 based on the outcome of the practice analysis, it points to the need of joining two specialties: «technical and criminalistics examination» and «forensic handwriting examination» due to the fact that practicing experts in the handwriting field often make mistakes.

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