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Tom 58 (2018)

Próba własnej filozofii we Wszystko jest poezja Edwarda Stachury

29 kwietnia 2020


This text is the presentation of Edward Stachura’s philosophy. It is not about literal philosophy, however, it concerns a system of values and views taken by the writer. The article is an attempt to read Stachura from a different side than as a poet, bard, and mediocre singer. It is a compilation of the writer’s various texts, but the leading one is a little-known work called Everything is poetry. The story-river (edited by H. Berezy, Z. Fedecki, K. Rutkowski, vol. 4, Warsaw 1984) Stachura trans-forms into almost a sage, into a philosopher who tries to create elementary definitions of the world, people, time and eternity. First of all, I analysed the conceptualisation of the phrase “everything is poetry” as well as attempting to explain what poetry is for the writer in general. The most important conclusion is that “everything is poetry and the least poetry is a poem; everyone is a poet and the least poet is a poet who writes poems”. Thus, he proves that he is not only an “extreme” creator, but one who seeks hope and gaps in describing and understanding the world. Ultimately, it is also a study of Stachura’s broadly understood optimism, underestimated in his work on a daily basis.