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Tom 61 (2022)

Człowiek jako istota dramatyczna w poezji Jacka Łukasiewicza

  • Krzysztof Garczarek
14 lutego 2023


The following article is an initial part of research, the main aim of which is to identify and develop the artistic, critical, literary and scientific achievements of Jacek Petelenz-Łukasiewicz (1934–2021). The current text concerns the insufficiently penetrated area of the writer’s creative activity, namely his poetry. It turns out that this creativity draws on the many different philosophical systems and currents, and its core is broadly understood personalism. The author tries to reach the philosophical foundations of this poetry. The main thesis of the article is the conclusion that the characters located in the intra-textual worlds of Łukasiewicz‘s poetry are, in a deep ontological sense, “dramatic creatures,” defined by three basic factors: opening to the dramatic stage, opening to another person, opening to the passing time. On the basis of these observations, the author concludes that there are numerous parallels between Jacek Łukasiewicz‘s poetry and the Józef Tischner’s philosophy of drama.