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Tom 61 (2022)

Czuły narrator, czuły czytelnik. Kilka uwag o literackim świecie Olgi Tokarczuk na podstawie „Czułego narratora”

  • Adrianna Graca
14 lutego 2023


Olga Tokarczuk’s Czuły narrator is composed of twelve essays written at different stages of her life. In one of them she presents her original concept of ognosis. It denotes a striving for a holistic approach to all areas of life. The writer also introduces the category of a tender narrator who tells a story while emphatizing with all living or unliving beings, thus viewing (and presenting) the world from different points of view. Tokarczuk also speaks about the great importance of literary fi ction and her method of writing stories. She tackles important social issues such an animal rights and social exclusion. Her works teach us to be more attentive and tender readers. And in the Nobel Prize acceptance speech, she presents her own, subjective diagnosis of the contemporary world.