• Balladyna: „cudny, chociaż trujący kwiat”

Balladyna: „cudny, chociaż trujący kwiat”

Anna Gemra
Google Scholar Anna Gemra

Prace Literackie Tom 49 (2009)

Strony od 101 do 114


Balladyna: “marvellous, yet toxic flower”

As one of very few works of Polish romanticism Balladyna by Juliusz Słowacki introduces a woman as a leading character. It can be deemed as a kind of provocation of the writer that the heroine comes from plebs and is a woman with no respect. Balladyna wants her dreams come true: she wants to reach the top of the social ladder no matter whom or how many she will have to sacrifice. Accompanying male characters compare unfavourably and pale with her. She is the only one possessing most of the characteristics considered to be real men attributes. Excepting her criminal nature, she could be a good ruler. She bears punishment for her bad deeds but she remains faithful to herself and to the once selected way. All in all Balladyna is one of better women’s characters in Polish romanticism and amongst Juliusz Słowacki’s works.

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