Tom 52 (2012)

Melancholijno-frenetyczne skrzydła prowincji, czyli romantycy na wyspach fantazmatów

Dominika Skiba

Strony: 21 - 43



The melancholic-frenetic wings of the provinces or the Romantics on the islands of phantasms

The second generation of the Romantics looked for their own language of expression, using all the means offered by the post-uprising reality of the Kingdom of Poland: the language of early Romanticism and great exile Romanticism, the language of catastrophe, folk songs, revolution, the language of forgotten history. Thus domestic Romanticism was made up of two big trends, two big wings of the provinces — melancholic and frenetic — for those who had learned to bear captivity and those whose heads were nearly exploding because of turmoil; for the adapted and for the rebels. When Zmorski and Berwiński, an angel-destroyer and a rebel, faced Pol and Syrokomla, who were noble and moderate, there was no agreement between them; they could only provide a testimony to the multi-dimensional, varied nature of domestic Romanticism marked by the stigma of the provinces.