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Tom 68 (2021): Périphéries — Centres — Traduction

Du gommage de l’infinitif dans la traduction polonaise de l’Infinitive de Compte rendu de Perception (ICP) : entre grammaire, style et représentation de la réalité

  • Witold Ucherek
  • Fabrice Marsac
  • Magdalena Dańko
19 lipca 2021


The study subject are Polish translations of the French structure NP1 + voir + NP2 + infinitive; we reject cases where the NP1 is represented by the pronoun on, and concentrate on translations in which the infinitive is not rendered. The analysis is based on the corpus of texts embracing 58 pairs of examples, each of which contains a French sentence with the investigated construction and a Polish sentence with its equivalent. Our aim is to identify factors which make translators erase the French infinitive. The conducted analysis reveals that the avoided infinitives belong to two groups: appearance verbs and dynamic position verbs; the most frequent are surgir (‘appear suddenly’), arriver (‘arrive’) and passer (‘pass’). The main reason for their avoidance is the stylistic one.