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Tom 69 (2022): Construire le sens. Entre le mot, le texte et le discours

L’enseignement/apprentissage des langues étrangères sous l’éclairage de la théorie des systèmes complexes et dynamiques. Exemple de philologie française à l’Université de Wrocław

  • Monika Grabowska
29 listopada 2022


The paper presents the distinctive features of dynamic and complex systems, stressing their affinities with the foreign language teaching and learning process. Afterwards, we describe the initial conditions of the first-year-students learning French at the French department of the University of Wrocław, showing to what extent those conditions constitute a challenge for a connected complex system, namely the process of teaching French. Finally, we try to answer the question: “Are we ready, at the university, to teach Foreign Languages in accordance with the theory of complexity?”.