• „W oku” kinematografu… „Leśmian” Leszka Barona (1990) (wstępny rekonesans)

„W oku” kinematografu… „Leśmian” Leszka Barona (1990) (wstępny rekonesans)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.19195/0860-116X.41.1
Iwona Grodź
Google Scholar Iwona Grodź


The main topic of the article is to indicate the lyrical and — somewhat on the margin — biographical strategies used by Leszek Baron in the film Leśmian from 1990, the aim of which was, on the one hand, to tell about a selected fragment of the life of the Polish poet Bolesław Leśmian (1877–1937); and, on the other, the use of film means as an equivalent of the poetic imaging characteristic of the author of W malinowym chruśniaku. The research material is primarily the fictional film about Leśmian. The aim of the text is to show how Baron understood the psychology of Leśmian’s work and the specificity of his poetry. This entails the need to problematize individual dimensions of the production, that is, to analyze the perspectives adopted by the director. Ultimately, it leads to answering the question: how does Baron try to present the figure and work of Leśmian to new recipients who already belong to a different space-time? 

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