• Czynniki warunkujące pozytywne oceny recenzji filmowych

Czynniki warunkujące pozytywne oceny recenzji filmowych

DOI: https://doi.org/10.19195/0860-116X.41.10
Michał Grech
Google Scholar Michał Grech


The purpose of this article is to briefly present the method and the results of research into which film reviews appeal to audiences and why. The main research question was formulated as follows: what factors are responsible for the positive assessment of reviews by the recipients? Earlier pilot studies initially identified variation in ratings from different reviews and initial factors responsible for positive review ratings. This study is a preliminary qualitative and quantitative analysis of the texts of selected reviews of one film. The obtained results indicate important factors to be taken into account; partially confirm the previous findings; and indicate the prospects of further research.

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