Tom 43 (2022)

Romantyzm — kino — Janion. Omówienie książki Krzysztofa Kopczyńskiego „Paradygmat polskiego romantyzmu w uniwersum filmowym”

Strony: 75-84



The aim of the review article is to discuss Krzysztof Kopczyński’s book The Polish Romantic Paradigm in the Universe of Film. It is the first monograph in film studies grounded in the methodological and interpretative findings of Maria Janion and her interpretation of the paradigm of Polish Romanticism. Kopczyński analyzes Polish cinema through exactly that lens. Part I of the book is an extensive presentation of theoretical and methodological tools related to romantic philosophy and the romantic paradigm used by the scholar, and provides an overview of the state of research. Part II focuses on the relationship between cinema and Romanticism. It also includes a presentation of the state of research in this area, the position of film in Janion’s research and a discussion of Marcin Maron’s monographs Romanticism and Cinema. Part III contains the analysis of works of film whichdeal with the issue of suicide. Kopczyński looks at them through the conceptual triad of melancholy, tragedy and romantic irony.