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Tom 43 (2022): Polskie kino sensacyjne / Kino i romantyzm

Początki teorii filmu w Japonii (prolegomena)

31 stycznia 2023


Seeking an answer to the question once posed by Tadao Satō: “Is there a Japanese film theory?,” the author of the article makes a critical review of the publications which appeared in the first decades of the 20th century. Loska draws attention to both the influence of Western philosophical trends (neo-Kantism) and the importance of native aesthetic inspirations (the Kyoto school). When discussing theoretical concepts, the author focuses on the issues raised by researchers related to the psychological conditions of reception (Yasunosuke Gonda), the search for specific properties of the new medium and its relation to other arts (Jun’ichirō Tanizaki), the impact of film on the senses and the embodied dimension of visual perception (Masakazu Nakai), the phenomenon of technological reproduction and the impression of reality (Jun Tosaka), and the idea of “machine realism” (Takeo Itagaki).