• Dzieci Festiwalu Filmowego we Fryburgu 2011

Dzieci Festiwalu Filmowego we Fryburgu 2011

Marek Lis
Google Scholar Marek Lis



The program of the Fribourg International Film Festival Switzerland is not specifically dedicated to children: nevertheless, in March 2011 this particular audience has found its place during the morningscreenings in the cinemas 53 shows for 9 thousand pupils: this fact reveals an educative sensibility of the Festival and diverse situations of childhood have become subject of most films chosen for the international competition. The Chinese movie Aftershock is a dramatic story of two children, separated by an earthquake; Bi, dung so shows the loneliness of a child in a Vietnamese family where relations weaken; dramatic reminiscences of his childhood mark Morteza in Iranian La maison sous l’eau. A vision of the world of children’s plays and plans devastated by guerrilla war terrifies in Colombian Los colores de la montaña; cruelty of adolescents is one of the themes of the South Korean Poetry. Few of the films have presented a less somber vision: Palestinian documentary Fix Me, Iranian comedy Please Don’t Disturb and a parody Miss Tacuarembó. Despite different cultural contexts, the moviemakers
reveal a responsible empathy toward children.

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