Filmowe Marie z Nazaretu: XXI wiek

Marek Lis
Google Scholar Marek Lis


Mary of Nazareth in 21st-century films

Mary of Nazareth is for the Christians a particular figure: she is Mother of Jesus, mentioned in the New Testament. Since Jesus became protagonist of hundreds of films, also Mary has been present in numer-ous films: thus she can be found in cinematic adaptations of the Gospel, while she accompanies Jesus during his childhood, or his Passion, but usually she is not not the main character. Several publications interpret Mary in films e.g., by Catherin O’Brien or Reinhold Zwick. The paper analyzes images of Mary in three recent films: in The Passion of the Christ dir. Mel Gibson, 2004 there is a particular rapport between her and the suffering Son, in Let it be dir. Guido Chiesa, 2010 near feminist Mary becomes an independent woman, whose understanding is necessary to understand Jesus, in The Star dir. Timothy Reckart, 2017, an animation on the birth of Jesus, the pleasant figure of Mary lacks a serious psychological dimension.

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