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Tom 40 (2019)

Polski film hagiograficzny jako forma komunikowania wiary. Komunikacyjna funkcja struktur genologicznych współczesnego polskiego filmu hagiograficznego

Mariola Marczak

Strony: 99 - 114



The polish film hagiography as a form of communicating faith. Communicative function of genre structures of contemporary polish film hagiography

This article is divided in three sections. In the first one the author tries to investigate definitions of film hagiography functioning in the Polish film study writings. The basic research leads her to believe that this is the phenomenon hardly recognized theoretically, although in The World Encyclopedia of Religious Film eds. M. Lis, A. Garbicz there are many specific examples of film hagiographies, mentioned and characterized. The second part of the text is filled out with analyses of concrete film works. The Author concentrates in her procedure on communicative functions of the characteristic structures and genre conventions of these films. She points out that the majority of film hagiographies, especially those produced by independent producers, overtly continues the model of literary hagiographies known as the Gesta Sanctorum. They developed in the Middle Ages and still were popular at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. In the last section of the paper the reasons for which there are so few feature film hagiographies in the contemporary Polish cinema are discussed.