• Egzorcyzmy nieświęte. Teologiczne tropy kinowych adaptacji

Egzorcyzmy nieświęte. Teologiczne tropy kinowych adaptacji

DOI: https://doi.org/10.19195/0860-116X.40.16
Adam R. Prokop
Google Scholar Adam R. Prokop


Not holy exorcism. Theological traces in cinematic adaptations

The rite of major exorcism, which includes imperative formulas addressed at Satan, still exists in the liturgy of the Latin Church. It has become the basis for numerous film adaptations somewhat fascinated by the Christian almighty God and his eternal opponent, the fallen angel. Moreover, the character of the exorcist, a man who holds the power to expel evil spirits, also raises many questions about his faith, morality and objectives. The energumen, i.e. the possessed individual, is a character able to shape and embellish the entire picture, and even the plot. An insight into those four persons, who are the core of cinematographic reinterpretations of exorcism and an integral part for the liturgy itself, constitutes the main subject of the article, preceded by a basic explanation of the terminology and a brief historical outline of the development of the rite of exorcism.

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