Tom 44 Nr 3 (2022)

Pismo szefa sztabu Obozu Zjednoczenia Narodowego do przewodniczącego okręgu łódzkiego Obozu dotyczące członków grupy „Jutro Pracy”

Strony: 157-165



The decomposition of the political camp of Józef Piłsudski after 1935 led to the increasing influence of supporters of stronger cooperation with nationalist groups, which concluded with the creation of the Camp of National Unity in 1937. The Camp was composed (among others) of a group of nationalist members of the ruling political camp, the so called “Jutro Pracy” group. After a period of harmonious cooperation, the number of clashes between leaders of the Camp and the group’s members led to the latter’s exodus from the Camp. In response to this exit, the chief of staff, and a supporter of totalitarianism, colonel Zygmunt Wenda, published a missive describing actions that should be taken by the leaders of the Camp in this situation. The analysis of content of the missive and parallel political events leads to a conclusion that the consolidation declared by political leaders of the Camp was only a facade, and differences of opinion within the ruling group were clearly visible.