Tom 40 (2021)

Нариси мовного образу ПРАВЕДНОГО в українських текстах Псалтиря (переклад Івана Огієнка)

Strony: 7-19



This article is a part of a study on the integral linguistic image of God in the Ukrainian translation of the Psalter translated by Ivan Ohienko. The important role of Ohienko’s texts comes from the scientific nature of the translation and the influences in the formation of literary language. The author of the study is interested in the ways and means by which the concept of the RIGHTEOUS – one of the most frequent elements God functions with in text collections – is verbally expressed. Therefore, in this study, attention is focused on an attempt to ethnolinguistically analyse (based on the conception of profiling by J. Bartmiński) of the Ukrainian lingual implementation of such biblical concepts as ‘righteous person’, ‘the main signs of a righteous person associated with God’, and ‘the actions of a righteous person towards a) God, b) sinners’. As a result, it will be possible to trace the richness and diversity of the language image ‘righteous’ created by Ivan Ohienko, by bringing readers closer to the understanding of the ways of linguistic filling of in Old Testament texts with Ukrainian language means.