Tom 17 Nr 3 (2022)

O celach filozoficznej teorii poznania. Uwagi w związku z książką Adama Groblera „Epistemologia. Sandwiczowa teoria wiedzy”

Strony: 35-42



The article concerns the epistemological views of Adam Grobler contained in his book Epistemologia (2019). The first part of the article lists the basic goals that were set for the philosophical theory of knowledge, namely, distinguishing types of knowledge, discovering the essence of knowledge, describing and assessing human epistemic situation in the world, considering the most general idea of knowledge, confronting the issue of global skepticism, grounding human knowledge, considering the issue of starting point in philosophy, showing the genesis of human knowledge (Kant, Husserl), considering the phenomenon–reality opposition and the opposition of categories of being and categories of thinking, abandoning the maximalistic epistemology in favour of naturalized epistemology. In the second part of the text, Adam Grobler’s epistemological position is diagnosed as (pragmatically motivated) skepticism.