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Tom 7 Nr 3 (2012)

Między grotą a jaskinią. Lektura eseju Bachelarda z perspektywy platońskiej

  • Anna Olejarczyk
19 lutego 2013


The main subject of this study is the metaphor of cave. It is an important topic for Plato’s as well as Bachelard’s way of presentation of their thoughts. The paper shows that Porphyry’s work On the cave of Nymphs can constitute a textual connection between Plato’s dialogue and Bachelard’s essay and it considers a hypothesis that there is the serious association between Plato and Bachelard. The article presents relation between subject and object as the main philosophical issue of Bachelard’s essay and it emphasizes that in his project of “open philosophy”. Bachelard argues for dialectic method of thinking. An imagination as a cause of images and concepts and notions as the medium of knowledge are also discussed in this comment. The analysis shows that Bachelard’s conception of revêrie can be connected to Plato’s conception of noesis.nception of revêrie is understood as connected to Plato’s conception of noesis.