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Tom 8 Nr 3 (2013)

Rola utworu Des vraies et des fausses idées w nowożytnych debatach epistemologicznych

  • Elżbieta Walerich
12 września 2013


The role of the book On true and false ideas in modern epistemological disputes

The aim of the paper is to present the position of Arnauld in the dispute with Malebranche which constitutes an important part of modern polemic on the character of cognition and on the ontological status of ideas. In chapter five of the work On true and false ideas French Jansenist depicts in a condensed form his philosophical standpoint and gives the official definition of idea. He explains also the principles of his method of drawing conclusions and makes distinction between idea and perception. A. Arnauld, criticizing the system presented in the Search after truth, puts forward the analysis of the intentional character of acts of cognition and the conception which is considered as the representationalist or even the realist theory of perception.