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Tom 8 Nr 4 (2013)

Wartość i Inny. Wokół antropologiczno-aksjologicznych wątków „Bytu i nicości” Jean-Paula Sartre’a

  • Mikołaj Lewicki
2 stycznia 2014


Value and the Other. Axiological and anthropological threads in Sartre’s Being and Nothingness

In Being and Nothingness one can find the status of moral values ambiguous and unclear, therefore the work can be read in the perspective of moral relativism. According to Sartre, experiencing the look of the Other and shame, we deal with a type of self-consciousness that is mediated by the Other. If the existence of the Other is an indispensable, constitutive moment of human freedom, then a conflict between freedoms is inevitable and another moral problem is provoked. Thus the aim of the article is to analyse both problems and to comment on them in a broader context provided by a concept of moral responsibility, which connects the issues. Although within Being and Nothingness both problems seem to remain unsolved, Sartre’s concept of moral responsibility allows further philosophical investigations in the topic.