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Tom 8 Nr 4 (2013)

Wolność w zdeterminowanym świecie? Wątki etyczne w twórczości literackiej George Eliot

  • Anna Głąb
2 stycznia 2014


Freedom in a determinist world?Ethical problems in George Eliot’s fiction

The aim of article is to analyze the fiction of George Eliot in terms of the relation between the determinist view of man and the conviction about his/her freedom. At first I the author presents a general outline of Eliot’s philosophy, paying special attention to her ethical views. This is followed II by a description of Eliot’s type of determinism visible in her fiction and private correspondence. Next III the author undertakes an attempt to reconcile determinism with Eliot’s views about freedom and responsibility, taking advantage of John Stuart Mill’s explanation in this regard. The discussion is illustrated with examples taken from two novels: Middlemarch and The Mill on the Floss.