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Tom 8 Nr 4 (2013)

Pojęcie filozofii jako problem filozofii. Wykład inauguracyjny [Göteborg, październik 1935] - przeł. K. Chrobak

  • Ernst Cassirer
2 stycznia 2014


The concept of philosophy as a philosophical problem. Inaugural Speech [Göteborg, October 1935]

This text is a translation of Ernst Cassirer’s inaugural speech he gave in Göteborg in 1935. Cassirer takes the fundamental problem of understanding the phil-osophy and recognizes that reflecting on it is an integral part of any philosophical inquiry. To answer this question, it is not enough to refer to philosophy understood in a scholastic way only. What should be considered is its role in the context of the whole culture. According to the latter — the cosmical — understanding of phil-osophy, it should be the guardian of the humanistic values of European culture. The responsibility of philosophy and of philosophers for culture and its values was particularly significant in the context of the dramatic thirties.