Doświadczenie a metafizyka

Piotr Stanisław Mazur
Google Scholar Piotr Stanisław Mazur


Experience and metaphysics

The main aim of this article is to compare Thomistic metaphysics based on the experience of existence of the real world with contemporary concepts formed on the subject’s own experience of existence and reflection on this existence. In light of the analysis of the subjective experience, contemporary positions claim the right to the formation of alternative metaphysics, which replaces the classical theory of being. The author argues that calling such existential experiences “metaphysical,” although not completely pointless, impoverishes the language used to talk about them and leads to confusing anthropology with metaphysics. However, imperfect and narrow “metaphysics” of the subject does not replace metaphysics of being, but as a type of philosophy on the human being has its own place in the philosophical tradition.

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